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Issue 6: December 2021

Note to readers:

For this sixth edition of the NYS Writers Institute's Trolley journal, we asked writers and poets to share how COVID-19 changed them. How have they adapted, coped, fallen apart, or grown. In their words, how will they remember the pandemic.

When we put out the call for submissions last spring, there was some concern this theme wouldn't age well, that we'd be well past the pandemic and our lives would be back to some sort of normal by now.

Sadly, despite the heroic work of scientists and the wide availability of vaccines -- something seemingly miraculous a year ago -- we are still far, far from normal.


With that in mind, we offer poems, essays, and even some flash fiction from Life During COVID, Year Two.    

NYS Writers Institute

Trolley: A web magazine of essay, opinion, literature, culture, and politics, published by the New York State Writers Institute based at the University at Albany.

- Paul Grondahl, Editor

- William Kennedy, Executive Editor

- Michael Huber, Managing Editor



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