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About this edition

Welcome to Trolley, the online journal of the NYS Writers Institute.

For the fifth edition of our Trolley journal, we asked writers, poets, photographers, and artists to share creative expressions produced during this time of pandemic when there is so much uncertainty and sadness across the globe. 

We were overwhelmed with submissions. Contributions came from across New York and the New England states. We also received a submission from London.

One writer predicted that an anthology specific to COVID and quarantine "sounds like it will be a suicidally depressing read." On the contrary, I find these poems, essays, stories, and artwork to be reaffirming. Our collective creative soul shines a light in these dark times.

Special thanks to Rob Brill, Teresa Buckley, Jennifer Kowalski, Mark Koplik, and Jack Rightmyer for their tireless help reading and editing the submissions.  


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Any comments or thoughts about Trolley, please let us know.

Michael Huber

NYS Writers Institute at the University at Albany.


Trolley online journal

- Editor: Paul Grondahl

- Executive Editor: William Kennedy

- Managing Editor / Web editor: Michael Huber

William Kennedy's "Riding the Yellow Trolley Car"

The name Trolley was selected as an homage to William Kennedy's 1984 collection of his journalism, Riding the Yellow Trolley Car.

About Trolley

A web magazine of essay, opinion, literature, culture, and politics, published by the New York State Writers Institute based at the University at Albany.​

Trolley  began with an idea from Pulitzer Prize-winning author and NYS Writers Institute founder William Kennedy, who envisioned an online literary journal published free of charge in which each issue's words and images related to a single theme.

Kennedy shared his idea with Writers Institute Director Paul Grondahl, who decided the inaugural issue theme would converge on the issues of truth, fake news, and journalism. See Trolley Fall 2017.

The second edition of Trolley, published Winter 2018, and our Spring 2019 edition followed up on our popular Albany Book Festival celebrating books, writers, and readers.


For the Fall 2019 edition, we asked readers to share their impressions of recent Visiting Writer events, including the 2019 Albany Book Festival held in September at the University at Albany.

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