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Coronavirus: A Visit To The Vet

By John F. McMullen

I am sitting in my car
in the parking lot
of Fala’s vet
in Conoravirus Time

I pulled up in front
and called the desk
from my cell phone
and a nurse came out
to pick up Fala
and my instructions
I am not allowed
to enter the office

I have to sit in the 
Volkswagen Jetta
and worry while 
my 13-pound 
silky terrier
with separation 
issues to begin 
with is poked, 
tested and injected

I hate this fucking
So I wait in the car
the doctor comes 
out and reviews
what has been done

Then the nurse 
comes back out
and takes my
credit card 

She soon returns
with Fala
and my receipt

While I waited
I wrote this poem


johnmac at podium copy.jpg

John F. McMullen is the Poet Laureate of Yorktown, NY, an adjunct professor at Westchester Community College, a graduate of Iona College with two Masters degrees from Marist College, a member of the American Academy of Poets and Poets & Writers, the author of more than 2,500 columns and articles and 11 books (9 poetry), and the host of a weekly Internet Radio Show (300 shows to date).

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