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Why the Coronavirus

By  Zacharius Williams


The question “why” can be very profound if you know how to use it. Why are you cheating? Why are you leaving? Why are you lying? Why are you crying? Why? Lots of people are asked “why.” Here’s a question. Why is the word “why” even called “why?” Why is “why” asked so many times? Why am I using “why” to rhyme? Is it because what they say is true, I can’t write or I’m just asking a weird unexplainable question which is “why” is the word “why” used so many times to ask a question? Why is it accepted in society? I know I can write deeper than this, but this is a question that can be asked “why the Corona Virus?”


Zacharius Williams, 12-years old, is an honor roll student who enjoys reading. He is now a featured poet in Making of a Champion written by Sheba Brown. He loves to write poems and listen to rap music.

Zacharius Williams
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