By Jeffrey Wright Sedam

Journaling is an important part of my working and coping mechanism. My drawings reflect these perceptions, using a kind of writing that only the eye can achieve.


Jeffrey Wright Sedam is an artist and fine arts professional. Hailing from the great state of Iowa, Jeffrey pursed and earned his MFA degree from the University of Albany in 1991. 25 years later he is still actively working at the University’s contemporary art museum and has assisted hundreds of artists to create original exhibitions - both large scale and otherwise.

His interest in journaling began nearly 20 years ago and still informs his daily life. Not unlike a road map, Jeffrey’s journals are “seeking sign posts” along the way. His drawings are the result and hopefully they have their own kind logic and life.

Website: www.reddesetgo.com

Trolley c/o NYS Writers Institute

Science Library 320

University at Albany

Albany NY 12222   


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