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Day 72

By Ellen White Rook

I was a different person

in my dream but I had the same job

and worked in the same place  

except it had moved under the underground

and the columns that held up the ceiling 

were enameled red and blue 

when I woke up I was a different person

I said, I miss Mommy, and I was weeping

easily and it seemed as though

I was speaking to someone 

but no one was there and no one

was missing and just as easily 

as I was weeping I went back to sleep 

and when I woke up I was 

a different person and I realized

I had not awoken before but had been dreaming

my eyes were clear and my cheeks were dry 

I didn’t have a job and I could not imagine

weeping until the afternoon 

when I was a different person

and two dusty sparrows perched 

on the window looking in 

with their plain faces and small pink bills

my eyes went hot and black and wet

and I did not know if I were dreaming or dead


Ellen White Rook is a poet and teacher of contemplative arts residing in upstate New York. She teaches Japanese flower arranging and leads 'writing as practice workshops' that merge meditation, movement, and writing. Ellen recently completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Lindenwood University.

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