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Masked and muzzled

By Susan Weiman

Can’t breathe

my face turns red

a slow burn


Take long walks along East River

through Long Island City parks

wear out orthotics

and heels of nubuck shoes


Purchase whole wheat and tricolor pasta

popcorn, ice cream, tea biscuits,

ground pork, veal, beef combo --

Foods I never eat at home.


Dine with friends on Zoom

food shop when it rains

hand wash reusable masks

spray gloves with alcohol.



is this a sign?

a disease?

It’s the way we live now.


Susan Weiman's work has been published in The Paterson Literary Review, Home Planet News, First Literary Review-East, POST(blank), Riverside Poets Anthologies, From Somewhere to Nowhere: The End of the American Dream, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, New York-ish, was published July 2018 by No-Net Press. She resides in Long Island City, NY.

Susan Weiman
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