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End of May

By Colin Dodds

End of May

upon the sidewalks we guess

the moving-out-of-an-apartment junk

from the clearing-out-a-dead-person junk


The song is all around, but its lyrics are

Old Dominion Freight Line
nd Stop clipping our roses,

we know who you are

Sit in parks, and infer

from pantylines and bookspines

what’s in anyone’s mind


Who will attend my father’s funeral?

Who will buy my poetry book?

The two questions feel the same

this fine spring day


Colin Dodds is a writer with several acclaimed novels and poetry collections to his name. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. He’s made a living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. Colin also writes screenplays, has directed a short film, and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

You can find more of his work at

Colin Dodds
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