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Take 5

By Glenn Moss

We walk alone, apart
If we walk
We decide what screen to watch
So many screens to touch
Will my fingers remember what you feel like
Our favorite restaurant and cousin won't survive
Advised to buy certain stocks for a great 5 year return
I'm not sure what will be here in 5 months
Maybe me or the memory of me
Unmasked, laughing close enough to taste your breath

A good day to die

By Glenn Moss

My family can’t be here

Neither can the Facebook trolls

Neither grief nor dark joy to share

I guess a virus is dying of natural causes

My insurance policy covers that, I think

 I’d like to haunt the old Penn Station

New York and America joined in belief and vaulting light

Funny how you miss places and times you never knew

At the end, the teasing possibility brings a smile

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could see it

Maybe say it makes me look younger

Glenn Moss 

I am a media lawyer and have been writing poetry and stories since high school.

At Binghamton University, I wrote a play for a course in Jacobean Literature, and at Case Western Reserve Law School, I wrote a play for a course in Jurisprudence.

Returning to NYC, I write poetry and stories amidst contracts and business plans.  Each area of writing enriches the other, with contracts benefiting from a bit of poetic dance.

I have had poems and stories published in Ithaca Lit, West Trade Review, Oddville Press, Oberon, Foliate Oak Magazine, Illuminations, Qu, 34th Parallel and Harbinger Asylum.

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